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  • 11/20/09 NB -- (It's still Friday the 20th here!) Hi Steph, I think it would be great to have another teacher at another school involved. Please have her or him send me an email ( and I will send an invitation.
  • 11/21/09 Steph -- It's been so long since I checked the page! I'm sorry I let it go for so long without getting back to the students. I am still getting the hang of this -- I realized I need to check for posts right after I do an update, since that is when people will be looking at things and have new things to say. I'm also going to set an email message that will let me know when people post new stuff. So slow and steady is my new motto. Also, if any of you mention the wiki in class, or ask student to post, drop me an email so I don't keep them waiting :) But thanks to everybody for the comments so far! It has been really fun.
  • 11/04/09 Steph Stuart -- There is another teacher (from the Atherton School) who would like to participate in the project. I was wondering if it was ok with you all...?
  • 11/04/09 Steph Stuart -- Hi all. I am going to update the page so that it's a bit more of an introduction to the project. Let me know what you think of the changes.
  • 10/29/09 NB -- Great photos on your page, Steph! Thanks for getting it all kicked off!
  • 10/29/09 NB -- Type your text here! And that's all there is to it!
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